Qt 4.8.4 Source Code Download

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The latest version of Qt is 5.14 from 12 December 2019. 5.12 LTS, which was released on 6.

Release date, New features. 2.0, 26 June 1999, Qt/X11 open source under QPL (Q Public License).

Some code from KDE Platform 4 moved into Qt instead of KDE Frameworks 5. Old version, no longer.

Qt downloads archive.

Learn more about Qt by downloading it and/or reading the excellent official Qt documentation.

win32-msvc2010 (MS VS 2010 Express, Qt 4.8.4); win32- msvc2010 (Qt Creator, Qt.

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Qt Designer  - create application GUI (Graphical User Interface) - part 0121 Jan 2013.

(Do NOT download the whole Qt SDK or Qt Creator 3.0).

Download and install the Qt 4.8.4 library (minGW) and Qt Creator 2.6.1 from here.