A Primer For Policymakers

I’m making it for an FT Lunch with Kiril Sokoloff, an investment strategist who made his name by calling the big shifts in.

1 Dec 2009.

1 December 2009 Climate Change and the Future of Freshwater Biodiversity in Europe: A Primer for Policy-Makers. Brian Moss, Daniel Hering,

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The state is ramping up COVID-19 testing efforts promising a "testing blitz" over the next few weeks. Most of those are tests.

A Primer for Policymakers and Practitioners. A report prepared by the. Council of State Governments Justice Center. Criminal Justice/Mental Health Consensus.

This policy brief is the first in a series on the circular economy and Canada. It provides an introduction to the circular economy concepts and landscape, geared.

The Supreme Court will hear a case on hiring and firing decisions at religious schools, its final religion case of the.

Jerry Brito and Andrea Castillo, Bitcoin: A Primer for Policymakers (Arlington, VA: Mercatus Center at George Mason University, August 19, 2013), http://mercatus.


financial flows under the Paris Agreement – A primer for policy makers in India.

a useful reference for government, policy makers and climate finance experts.

Marijuana on the Mind: A Primer for PolicymakersClimate Justice for a Changing Planet: A Primer for Policy Makers and NGOs by Barbara Adams and Gretchen Luchsinger. UNITED NATIONS. New York and.